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InfoTrust's Culture Through the Eyes of an Intern

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January 2015 marked my two year anniversary at InfoTrust. One of the most frequent comments I receive when talking with my friends and family about my job is, “Wow, you’ve been there for a long time!” This is typically followed by the seemingly simple, yet quite complicated question of “Why?”

To provide a little background about myself, I attend the University of Cincinnati and the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. If you’re from Cincinnati, you have probably heard about the Cooperative Education Program that the University offers (and invented, go Bearcats!)

The “co-op” program provides students with the opportunity to alternate full-time terms of school and work to provide them with professional experience. Most students co-op at 3-5 different companies throughout their college career. They do this in order to determine what they like and dislike in terms of culture, position, etc.

So, coming from a program in which students change jobs and positions every semester, you can now see why it isn’t so strange to be asked, “Why have you stayed at InfoTrust?”


Why InfoTrust?

For me, the answer is quite simple: the culture. But what does that mean? That term is so vague and can encompass so many different aspects of a company. Yeah, it’s pretty great working for a startup. We have a ping-pong table, pop-a-shot, adult beverages for those of us over 21, offices with windows (no cubes, woohoo!), and free lunch. Yes, you read that correctly. Free lunch. Every day. And it’s great.

We also volunteer together as a team every quarter, for example volunteering and running at Paige’s Princess Run. We even have a PPC (Party Planning Committee) President who plans fun social outings for us, like going to the Cyclone’s Game and visiting Kings Island!

InfoTrust Culture - Kings Island

The employees here are like my family and we actually enjoy spending time with each other outside of work. But, believe it or not, these awesome events are not my favorite part of InfoTrust’s culture.


The Silver Lining

Ask any of the interns here, our experience hasn’t been like those of our classmates. Although I’ve only co-oped for one company, I’ve been able to move around each of our departments in order to find my passion. That’s important here, making sure that everyone is doing what best suits them and that everyone is doing what they love. I’ve worked within the marketing, sales, web analytics, and digital advertising departments, giving me the ability to experience different positions and career opportunities.

When talking with my peers, most of them say they left their previous internships because they feel as if they have gotten all they could get out of that position and company. I have never once felt that way at InfoTrust. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Working in digital marketing and web analytics, there’s always something new to learn, and there’s always someone here willing to teach us what they know. That’s my favorite part about the culture at InfoTrust; I learn something new every day. I’m surrounded by some of the most intelligent individuals in the industry and I try my best to soak up every ounce of knowledge they are willing to share. InfoTrust has a culture of innovation and continuous learning, and that is something I value more than anything.

Have I got ya hooked? If you’re interested in an internship or a full-time position at InfoTrust, you can apply here. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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