Why InfoTrust’s Talent Acquisition Team Can’t Stop Raving about InHerSight

Why InfoTrust's Talent Acquisition Team Can't Stop Raving about InHerSight
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What Is InHerSight?

InHerSight is a website that partners with organizations like ours to hire, retain, and support working women. It provides future employees insights and the chance to learn about an organization’s culture before applying to an open position. InHerSight has a mission to improve the workplace for women and bring women to the forefront of the workplace. 

InHerSight’s goal is to assist companies in creating cultures that encourage a gender-diverse workforce. They do this by gathering data on key metrics (formal and soft policies) that matter most to female professionals. Those metrics and policies include flexible work hours, maternity leave, family growth support, and so much more. On the InHerSight website, women are able to rate and review their personal experience at organizations and then can get matched to a job at a company that shares their values and beliefs. 

Why Is the Recruiting Team Raving Fans of InHerSight?

InfoTrust’s Talent Acquisition Team had many goals in mind when choosing to partner with InHerSight. One specific goal that we had was to fill our talent pipeline with underrepresented groups. Diversity in the workplace is valued here at InfoTrust. According to studies, diverse teams boost creativity, innovation, and productivity. Diversity in the workplace also helps improve cultural awareness. So, partnering with InHerSight has been a no-brainer for the recruiting team at InfoTrust.

InHerSight has also allowed InfoTrust to showcase our company on a diverse platform. This permits the Talent Acquisition Team to have our current job openings seen by people who may not otherwise see them. InHerSight also offers us a special opportunity to share our culture with many professional women who use the platform to get a uniquely relevant understanding into companies like ours.

This platform is a great recruitment tool. InHerSight has helped us to gain feedback and insight from InfoTrust employees to support our joint effort to build a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This allows current professionals looking for work to see InfoTrust’s efforts when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can see the feedback and ratings from InfoTrust employees here. The feedback and ratings on our company’s InHerSight page have been more than helpful when it comes to winning awards and finding talent. Since partnering with InHerSight in August 2021, we have made three amazing hires who applied to job openings directly through the InHerSight webpage. 

InfoTruster Christina Balles, who applied directly through InHerSight, says, “I wanted to apply to InfoTrust after reading about the company culture. That was the most important thing to me. I feel like I made the right choice to apply! I really didn’t think I was qualified for the job, but I thought ‘Why not? The worst they can say is no.’ But here I am and I couldn’t be more grateful. I came from a super toxic work culture at my last job, so the last 10 months have been a true breath of fresh air.”

Did I mention all of the awards we’ve won since partnering with InHerSight?

and so many more!

Final Thoughts

InHerSight helps InfoTrust’s Recruiting Team better understand how our company is perceived by others and helps us understand how we can not only appeal to top female talent, but also support female professionals.

InfoTrust is hiring!

Great teams produce great results. With four offices, we’re rapidly growing through our work with some of the largest multinational brands in the world.


Originally Published: November 2, 2022

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November 2, 2022

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