Integrating Your Website with Facebook

Integrating Your Website with Facebook

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If you administer a Facebook Page or have integrated the Open Graph protocol into your Web pages, now you can see the web analytics and web traffic for referral traffic and stream stories in the Insights dashboard, as well as tab views for your Page. Insights will capture engagement with Pages regardless of whether an action was taken on or off Facebook.

From Facebook help:

To see Insights for your website, you must first claim your domain by associating it with a Facebook page or application that you manage, or with your Facebook account. To do this, click on the green “Insights for your Domain” link from the Insights Dashboard. The window that appears will provide a meta tag that must be added to the root of your web page. Once that is done, type in your domain address into the text box and select the account to link it with. Once checked, your claimed domain will appear on the left side navigation bar under the “domains” section. (

Also make sure all site admins are added via meta tags as well. So, assuming just one site admin, here is what your header is going to look like:

<meta property="fb:page_id" content="<pageid>" /> <meta property="fb:admins" content="<userid>" />

Once integrated, you can get some very interesting statistics.

    • daily likes

    • daily shares

    • feedback per share

    • reshare rate

    • daily activity of all pages on your domain

    • daily most liked and shared

    • demographic information of visitors who interacted with your site.

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