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Leveraging Google Data Studios – Exporting Data from a Chart

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We have already explored how Google Data Studio makes every bit of your data accessible and useful in previous posts. Data Studio allows your team to find and share the important components by putting the data out there.

But what are some tangible ways we can actually leverage Data Studio? Read on to gain some new insights on how to put your data to work for your benefit!

Exporting Data from a Chart

Data File

You can now use Data Studios to gain insights about your data, then export the data for use in other tools. The steps are rather simple! Once you have selected the chart you wish to export, you need to decide on one of the following export

Once you have selected the chart you wish to export, you need to decide on one of the following export types:

  • Export CSV creates a comma-separated text file
  • Export CSV (Excel) creates a comma-separated text file where non-ASC11 characters are encoded properly for use in Excel
  • Export to Google Sheets option sends your data directly to Sheets

The export feature works on an individual basis. Only the data available to you in the chart is exported. Any files, date range controls, or Google Analytics segments currently in place are also applied to the exported data. This lets you use the Data Studio report to “fine-tune” your data before exporting it.

Disable option to export can also prove to be very useful. You can disable data export for an entire report using the Advanced Owner settings of the sharing dialog. You must be the owner of the report to see these settings.

Controlling that Data

Control Panel

So how exactly does data control work? The data control allows a report viewer to change the data set (The underlying system from which a data source gets its data.) by the data source (A connection between a Data Studio report and a data set.)

You can have multiple data controls in a single report in Data Studios. The current controls available include Adwords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Google Analytics, Search Console and YouTube Analytics.

Anything else? Bookmark a view! The data control stores the currently selected account in the URL. This makes it easier to return to a particular version of the report or share a version with others by sending them the bookmarked link.

Want to continue learning tips and tricks for Google Data Studios? There is so much more to learn to create powerful data! Contact your InfoTrust Consultant today!

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