Best Places to Work

We'd Like to Thank You for These Awards!

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Best Places to Work

There is nothing like loving your career. Scratch that. There is nothing like working with others who also love their career!

At InfoTrust, we have built a workplace that is friendly, productive, and work-life balance friendly. Our founders, Alex Yastrebenetsky and Michael Loban, had a vision from day one of creating an environment that rewards and celebrates employees daily. The result is happy and healthy employees, amazing clients and some very awesome awards!

Since 2004, we have been telling people that we love our jobs, and now we have the honor of being recognized and certified – state and nationwide –  as one of the best workplaces in the country. We’ve been interviewed, polled, and researched by three amazing organizations that took the time to get to know us and, in return, presented us with the following rewards within the last few months:

Here are some highlights from the last year that contribute to making InfoTrust among the best places in the country to work!

Paige's Princess Run
The Team at Paige’s Princess Run
InfoTrust First Day
New Employee Welcome Gifts + Standing Desks
InfoTrust Team at Top Golf
Quarterly Team Outing at TopGolf
We Delivered 160 Thanksgiving Dinners Across the Country This Year!
Matthew 25 Ministries Quarterly Service Event
Supporting International Women’s Day!
A Team That Eats Together, Stays Together
Sponsoring Continued Learning at MeasureCamp
Laser Tag, Because…Why Not?!
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