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What to Expect When Interviewing at InfoTrust

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Working at InfoTrust is by far one of the best career decisions I have ever made in my life. I have joined the team and have been welcomed by an amazing group of people, an incredible mentor and boss, fun atmosphere and rewarding work — Day-in and day-out!


My primary responsibility is to grow the InfoTrust team! Wow, how lucky am I? I get to hand-pick the people I will work with and talk about InfoTrust all day. With that being said, the interview process with InfoTrust can be very unique, and to be honest, a bit lengthy so I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the process and why it is important.

The Presentation

Of course, each position is unique in the way that the process is outlined, but almost all roles require a 5 step interview process. This process focuses on identifying the candidate’s core competencies and how they line-up with the role as well as ensuring the candidate is a cultural fit and can exemplify InfoTrust Core Values.  

In all the client facing positions, we end the interview process with a presentation*. With all the sales type roles, we start with a brief video.

We do this for several reasons:

  1. We want to see how you communicate
  2. We want to make sure you are not intimidated by learning something new
  3. We want to hear you get excited about a topic
  4. We are looking for people that embrace this unusual step in the process and put their unique and positive spin on it
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    Ask Lots of Questions!

    During the other steps of the interview process, the candidate will meet with at least 4 team members and me. We will discuss his or her background, specific examples of how they exemplify the key skills for the position and those basic interview questions.

    Most importantly, the candidate will get a chance to ask several questions! We have the candidate meet with so many team members for several reasons:

    1. They can ask as many questions as they need to understand the position more clearly
    2. They can see how we interact with each other, and hopefully, get an understanding of our culture and environment
    3. They can ask each person about their perspective of the role — this is important as everyone will have a different perspective. Although they may be in the same position — their clients, their projects and their day-to-day may be varied enough that their answers will be a bit different about “what they do”

    It is our hope that when a candidate comes out of the interview process they can fully understand how InfoTrust works. That they can walk away and know where we expect the company is going and how they see themselves fitting into that growth.

    If you would like more information about the unique steps for each individual role, I am happy to answer any questions:

    *To read an article about the presentation phase, check out this blog from Chris Vaughan.


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