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Close a Deal at InfoTrust: Why Women Should Consider a Career in Tech Sales

Why Women Should Consider a Career in Tech Sales

It’s no secret that the sales industry has typically been dominated by men. We have door-to-door salesmen and car lots to thank for our early memories … but the industry has come a long way—especially for women. 

According to a recent LinkedIn report, women represent 39 percent of the workforce in sales (up 3 percent in the last decade)—despite performing very well in the field. What’s more, there’s still a wide gender gap in tech sales specifically: industry statistics show that only 25 percent of salespeople in the tech industry are women. That number gets even worse when you look at sales management—only 12 percent of sales leaders are women. 

Our point? The opportunity to change that is now. There has never been a better time for women to explore sales careers. With schedule flexibility and the ability to determine your own earning potential, it seems like a win-win situation. 

If you’re a woman with sales experience, it’s time to take a serious look at a career in tech sales. It’s more than just travel and negotiating (though both are needed)—and InfoTrust, like other leading companies, is making gender diversity a cultural priority. 

Selling at InfoTrust

The days of pushy, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer sales tactics are long gone. This strategy is a dated approach, especially in tech sales. 

Profitable tech sales is about building trust and long-standing customer relationships—not hitting them with a barrage of phone calls, emails, and pamphlets. As a sales rep, you get to tangibly help others by connecting them with technology to solve critical problems, empowering companies to make sense of their data and overcome inefficiencies. The outcome? Happier customers and increased sales. 

While many sales teams look for individuals with aggressive, shark-like, must-win personalities, InfoTrust Vice President of Partnerships Brad Prenger believes a successful sales rep is quite the contrary. He says that sales professionals should not only be knowledgeable about your product, but also act as a trusted advisor and internal advocate for your client. 

“Being on the sales floor at InfoTrust means being part of a team of relationship builders,” he says. “You don’t have to be an expert in sales or travel the globe to make a difference for the business. You just have to be curious, have a desire to learn, and hustle.”

On the Move

With significant experience in her past roles in sales, InfoTrust Vice President of Client Success Stacey Shiring has been on the other side of the coin.

“It’s great to work with a sales team that has defined our ideal client and see them successfully bringing top enterprise businesses onto our roster,” she said. “It’s incredibly rewarding to know that what you are doing daily is making a direct impact to the bottom line at InfoTrust and nurturing client relationships. Enterprise businesses often have a lack of confidence in their data and don’t know how to activate it; being part of the sales team means helping solve problems and getting creative while doing it.

As a woman at InfoTrust, I am proud of the dedication of our leadership team for investing time and money into each team to make sure they have the technical and soft skills needed to execute at a high level.”

Being a trusted advisor is always the No. 1 goal with clients at InfoTrust. Stacey says that the company’s menu of services is well documented, and the sales and delivery teams work hand-in-hand to ensure there is collaboration and confidence between the two teams. Clients understand that what the sales team is selling will likely lead them to a lifelong partnership with InfoTrust.

“In the past, I worked at companies that did not have such high moral standards, and that always made it hard to look your client in the eye and promise that they are going to have a good experience,” she says. “We are fortunate to live out our core values at InfoTrust, so if a team tells you they are going to do something, they will—and they will execute at a remarkable level. If you want to be involved with a growing company on the cutting-edge of innovative work, this is it.”

Oh, and choosing between life and work balance? According to Stacey, also not something team members have to do at InfoTrust.

“You will be supported—and you don’t have to choose between your career and your personal life. You are a whole person here, not a number,” she says.

Make Your Mark

At InfoTrust, you will have the unique opportunity to change the stereotypical perception of sales, bringing qualities like trust and attention to the forefront. Success in tech sales requires a high level of collaboration—from product development to customer success teams, businesses thrive when all parties work together to achieve a common goal. 

Here’s a small sampling of the power of collaboration and what our sales team did in 2020 to help our clients make their business the best it can be: 

White Cap

White Cap, which serves professional contractors as the nation’s leading construction distributor in non-residential, residential, and industrial applications, needed custom dashboards and reports to increase the marketing effectiveness of their new website.

InfoTrust optimized White Cap’s marketing funnel, providing analytics strategy and implementation direction, as well as detailed tracking around White Cap customers prior to the launch of the site. Thanks to new advanced user segments and event-tracking in Google Analytics, the White Cap team better understands the intermediate steps customers are taking on their site and have a clearer picture of the overall customer journey.

The sales team paved the way for White Cap to move forward with InfoTrust in building an executive dashboard for KPI reporting, as well as formalizing goals in Google Analytics. (Read more here)

Health Care System

When one of the Midwest’s largest health systems had a number of reports but not a singular view to gauge how effective their marketing campaigns on various platforms were performing—or how they related to outcomes on their website—they turned to InfoTrust.

The sales team brought the analytics experts up to speed: engineers created standardized methods and conventions of pulling data to eliminate inefficiencies, as well as increased analysis time by establishing automated reporting. Thanks to this approach, nearly 20 pages of reporting were built to measure website performance, natural search, paid search, email and social media marketing channel performance. Self-service models provide less reliance on analytics team members and new data visualization components reflect a fresh consistency in reporting. 

It’s More Than Just Sales

Yes, being a successful saleswoman is a wonderful goal to have personally. But when it can have a positive impact on others? Even better. 

At InfoTrust, one of the things we look for in new employees is a sense of compassion and caring—it’s more than just selling an analytics product. As a member of our team, your role is vital to InfoTrust’s greater purpose: “Our success is someone else’s miracle.” 

The more revenue InfoTrust makes, the more of an impact our philanthropic effort, the InfoTrust Foundation, makes. As part of the sales team, you will have a higher purpose—giving back to your community and those in need. It’s the core of our culture and is fundamental to everything we do. Each time you make an enterprise analytics sale, you will be furthering our “give to grow” commitment. 

Talk to the InfoTrust Team to Learn More

Ready to join a tech sales team on the rise? You’ve got what it takes—and the world of sales needs a shake up (like benefiting from your skills and leadership qualities). 

Don't Wait - Apply Today!

Apply today for our open sales position and consider joining the InfoTrust team.
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