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Data Governance

Data governance covers much more than technology and tag auditing. It is a system of tools and processes for establishing end-to-end ownership of all marketing tags and customer data within the enterprise.

Privacy and Compliance Monitoring

The introduction of GDPR, ePrivacy Regulations, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have changed the game when it comes to data collection on your website. Our proprietary technology, Tag Inspector, helps partners understand all platforms collecting data across their websites (as well as the data collected) to fully audit existing implementation and create a roadmap for compliant data collection.

Privacy and Compliance Monitoring

Tag Governance Policy and Process Creation

Large organizations have lots of brands and markets to look after. And with the risks associated with non-compliant tagging and data collection becoming more prevalent than ever, a holistic global tag governance policy and process is imperative. InfoTrust works with some of the largest global FMCG and eRetailers, helping them understand the current marketing and advertising landscape while implementing the policies and processes necessary to optimize data collection, ensure compliance, and maintain efficiencies in global tag management.

Tag Governance Policy and Process Creation InfoTrust

Consent Management Support

Consent Management Tools are becoming a necessity for organizations across the globe. While the functionality itself can help simplify user experience and record collection, the implementation and maintenance of these tools can be quite burdensome. We partner with many organizations to configure both the user experience and the associated tagging in order to save you time, resources, and headaches when  managing consent across your digital properties.

Wholistic Tag Management

Managing tags and data collection across a multi-site environment takes a special set of regulatory and technical expertise that can be very difficult to find within an organization. Our team of analytics consultants, engineers, and development resources makes this easy. Turn-key tag management services allow you to leverage our data collection best practices and automation frameworks to manage all tagging across your digital properties in an efficient and optimized manner.

Wholistic Tag Management

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