Save Time with BigQuery!

Save Time with BigQuery!

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There has to be a better way of querying through your analytics data, combining it with external databases to search for average cost of customer acquisition by source and performing predictive analytics to find potential high-value customers, right?

Our friends at Google agree and have created a solution:

Integrate your Google Analytics data with BigQuery

Which allow you to use Google’s amazingly high-speed infrastructure to import, join and correlate at the speed of light (okay, maybe not that fast but…fast)!

On Wednesday, November 30th at 1pm EST, we’ll be showing YOU this time-saving solution.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • BigQuery Overview
    • What is BigQuery?
    • Why use BigQuery?
    • How using BigQuery can save you time and money
  • BigQuery + Google Analytics 360 integration
    • How to Set Up Integration
    • Google Analytics + BigQuery Export Schema
    • How to Write Queries
  • Examples
    • Integration with Tableau
    • Integration with R

Click here to reserve your spot now and start saving a few hours each week, every week moving forward.