Navigating Google Analytics 360: Key Insights and Recommendations

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June 17, 2024
Navigating Google Analytics 360: Key Insights and Recommendations

If you’re considering investing in Google Analytics 360 (GA360) but find yourself with questions about its features, purchase process, and benefits, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top key aspects of GA360, addressing the most common questions and shedding light on its intricacies.

Purchasing GA360 Requires a Certified Reseller

In order to purchase GA360, or any of Google’s marketing products, organizations need to go through a certified reseller to purchase GA360. Despite historical opportunities to buy directly from Google, Google is pushing firms to utilize a certified reseller.

By doing this, Google can focus their expertise on developing and improving their current products, i.e. GA360, DV360, SA360, etc. At the same time, purchasing a license through a certified reseller can come with product SLAs from Google, as well as opportunities to leverage the reseller as an extension of your team to manage and optimize GA360’s implementation.

GA360 and Google Analytics 4: Different Yet Linked

GA360 is the upgraded version of Google Analytics, offering more power and flexibility. Underneath the hood, both products are closely linked, with Google Analytics 4 serving as the foundation.

It’s important to note that GA360 is not a separate tag from Google Analytics. When a firm upgrades to GA360, the current implementation on their website(s) will have the ability to be upgraded and start reaping the benefits i.e. unsampled data collection, ability to create additional custom events, etc. The reseller and firm should discuss together which properties to upgrade, as the amount of properties upgraded can impact the overall investment.

Cost Considerations for GA360

Speaking of which,  the cost of GA360 varies based on factors like traffic volume, proactive support needs, and the number of websites and mobile apps. It’s advisable to engage with potential partners for specific pricing details tailored to your requirements.

What you should consider avoiding is a partner who gives an exact investment right away, as they most likely don’t have enough information about your firm to understand what the best approach would be. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to GA360.

Another consideration: All licenses are annual engagements. Google does not allow firms to purchase short-term contracts of GA360. A great reseller of GA360 will work with firms to help them determine whether the enterprise license is needed in the first place.

Transferring a GA360 License

Transferring a GA360 license is easy and can be facilitated through Google and/or a certified partner. All licenses are required to start on the first of the month, per Google protocol, so it’s important to keep that in mind as firms make the transition.

Should a firm transfer their license to another partner, it’s imperative that they alert their current partner and request them to not downgrade their GA360 properties. By doing this, the current partner will shut off access to enterprise data, which could impact any reporting that is leveraged with said data. Effective communication between all parties ensures a smooth transition without interruptions.

Getting Started with GA360

To embark on your GA360 journey, reach out to Google for a list of certified sales partners or conduct online research to find partners aligned with your business needs.

You can also reach out to the team at InfoTrust. As one of Google’s Premier Partners, we are always happy to answer any questions regarding the Google Marketing Platform and help your team determine whether GA360 (or any of the other GMP products) make sense for your overall business.

Insights Surfaced

  • Purchasing GA360 typically involves working with a certified reseller.
  • Utilizing a certified reseller is recommended by Google for a smoother purchase process.
  • Google Marketing Platform Sales Partners are certified agencies or consultancies proficient in Google’s products.
  • Adequate support for GA360 is crucial for training, education, and troubleshooting.
  • GA360 offers enhanced capabilities compared to Google Analytics 4.
  • The cost of GA360 is influenced by various factors such as traffic volume and support needs.
  • Transferring a GA360 license can be seamlessly executed with effective coordination between parties.
  • Organizations can kickstart their GA360 journey by connecting with Google or certified sales partners.

Embark on your journey with GA360 today and unlock the power of data-driven insights for your business success!

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Last Updated: June 17, 2024

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