Giving Back Comes From the Heart

Giving Back Comes From the Heart

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t InfoTrust, one of the most important core business values is developing a strong culture.  Personally, I love having the opportunity to explore new ideas in digital marketing, go to educational seminars to stay in touch with the industry and be encouraged to stay actively involved in the community outside of work.  So because of this, I felt obligated to write about a strong cause that all of us at InfoTrust support: Paige’s Princess Foundation.


Heather Alessandro is our Director of Operations here, and was actually the person who brought me in initially to interview at InfoTrust.  As any candidate coming in for an interview, I looked up my interviewer’s background and affiliations.  This is when I first came across Paige’s Princess Foundation.  Honestly, I was incredibly moved.  Taken from their mission statement, “Paige’s Princess Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing small grants to pediatric patients with life-long disabilities.  They are not condition-specific and consider applications from any disorder or diagnosis that results in the disability of the child.  Grants will be made to finance adaptive equipment or therapeutic services to enhance the quality of life, mobility and independent function of the child.”

So who is Paige?

Paige's princess foundation

Also taken directly from their website, “Paige Alessandro was a six year old kindergartner at Wyandot Elementary school when she passed away suddenly in May of 2010. She lived with her parents, Steve and Heather and big sister Grace and little sister Haley. Paige loved saying that she was the middle sister. Paige bravely battled a spinal vascular disease her entire life and suffered a very severe spinal stroke in 2008. After overcoming many obstacles, Paige died peacefully from acute liver failure which was more than likely a complication of her disease.”  Read more about Paige here.

Commitment to a great cause

I’m not writing this to solicit this organization nor the upcoming run (directly at least).  Instead, I’m writing this to share with you why we are committed to this cause.  I didn’t know Paige. I’ve never heard of spinal vascular disease and I’ve never known anyone that has passed due to this disease.  But I do know Heather.  She is leader that holds our team together and pushes us to continue forward.  Not only is she a visionary within InfoTrust, her unbelievable commitment to helping Cincinnati Children’s OT/PT patients reach their fullest potential through her foundation is truly inspiring.  This commitment and dedication is mirrored in Heather’s interaction and leadership in the office. It can be seen in our culture and core business values.  If nothing else, she and Paige’s foundation has helped me become more aware, motivated to give back, and ultimately more appreciative of how fortunate I am.

I pushed to have a blog post about this topic because I, and everyone at InfoTrust, feel connected to this cause.  We’ll close with a video about Paige’s Princess Foundation’s upcoming fundraiser run on May 19.  Okay, maybe I will solicit a little, register here! Or if you are not available (or not local) but would like to donate to this charity, you can do so here.


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