Google Analytics Pro Tip: Mobile App Views

Google Analytics Pro Tip: Mobile App Views

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Google Analytics Pro Tip: Mobile App Views

I think we can all agree that Google Analytics is pretty awesome (and integral!) when it comes to understanding your consumer’s behaviors online. But did you know that Google Analytics can not only track how users interact with your website, but also mobile applications and the internet of things?

With consumers around the world using mobile devices more frequently than desktops, Google recognized it needed to step up its mobile app analytics offerings, hence updating their mobile app analytics in Google Analytics and even rolling out a whole new platform just for mobile apps: Firebase.

While Firebase is a fantastic platform, Google Analytics is still the simplest tool for most organizations to use for their digital analytics. Luckily, setting up Google Analytics for mobile app analysis is easy, too, but a quick pro tip worth mentioning is how it can track mobile app data and web data together OR separately – and what’s the best approach.

In this video, we provide a quick overview of how to set up a mobile-app specific reporting view to get special reports, dashboards and metrics just for mobile apps. These views can live under the same property as web views and websites, but are simply filtered to show different data and visualizations.

Happy analyzing!


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