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Google Data Studio Quick Tips: Creating a Funnel Report


Data Studio has not come up with an easy way of making a funnel report (yet).

I recently had a client ask if I could create a visual report for a form the user fills out, immediately I thought, “easy I will use Data Studio”. Much to my dismay, there was not a funnel report or even a way to create a cool funnel graphic like you can in Excel.

I went to the internet to see if anyone had any ideas or had created one in data studio that I could use. After searching for a few minutes I did not really find anything that I liked, so I took to excel and created a funnel graphic.

After creating the funnel graphic in Excel I took a screen grab and placed that into Data Studio.

Next, I used the following steps to get the metrics into my graphic in Data Studio:

  • Open Data Studio and create a new page
  • Add Graphic
    • Under Insert select image
    • You will get a cursor so you can draw a picture box
    • After you draw your image box, on the right side a window will appear called “Image Properties”
    • This is the area that you will select your image file to upload
    • Click select file and upload the image of the funnel
  • Now that the image is in Data Studio you need to add metrics to the funnel graphic
    • Select the “Scorecard” icon and draw a box in the funnel for the metrics that you want to see
    • Now that the data is in place, select the data you wish to have in each step of the funnel
  • Completed Funnel
    • After you add in the metrics you want you will have a complete funnel



This is the third in a series of posts about Google Data Studio tips and tricks that you might be helpful. Read our additional posts to learn more tips!

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