Google Tag Manager API v2 is Live!

Google Tag Manager API v2 is Live!

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Google Tag Manager API v2 was recently released and with the new version comes a number of features and bug fixes as well as a few changes to the client libraries.

The new documentation can be found on the Google developer site.

While there are many updates, I have listed a few of the biggest ones below:

  • Workspace Management: This was one of the biggest changes that I was looking forward to because since workspaces were added into GTM there was no way to interface with anything but the default workspace in GTM. This will make it easier to ensure that your mass automation updates don’t interfere or conflict with any existing pending changes.
  • Built-In variables: There is now a dedicated section of the API to list, enable, disable and revert Built-In Variables.
  • Revert: This new function was added to let you remove any changes to the specified Tag, Trigger, or Variable in a workspace

For a more detailed list of changes, you can reference Simo Ahava’s V2 Release Blog post 

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