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Challenged with the time consuming task of searching thousands of lines of code to locate marketing tags on your site? We are too, but we have a solution!

As online marketers, we spend so much time digging through our website code to make a change to our tags.  Hence the creation of a tag management system. In Michael’s previous post, tag management systems can be very useful for marketers to organize and manage their website tags. Unfortunately, it can be an enormous hassle initially finding tags through your website’s code. Constantly bugging IT or your development staff to find this tag, remove it, put it back, etc. It can get really frustrating to track down the tags you want to consolidate.

Introducing InfoTrust’s Tag Inspector! Our tool crawls through your entire website and finds specific tags. It then generates an easy to understand and easy to share report showing all tag locations, which can even be exported to an excel document.

Tag Inspector Google Tag Management System

Benefits of Tag Inspector

Saves time- Tag Inspector saves countless hours of searching your website for tags buried in the code, and you don’t even need to be a programmer! Our report lists exact tag locations so you can easily move tags into any tag management system you are using. Fast. Easy. Painless.

Delivers results- Delivered in Excel format straight to your inbox, InfoTrust’s Tag Inspector makes it easy for marketers to find what they need.

And of course, more and more tags are being added to the site everyday!

With Google’s recent announcement for it’s new Google Tag Manager system, our tool comes at the right time to help marketers find those tags on their website and easily transition to Google Tag Manager.  Not to mention along with being a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are also officially Google Tag Manager specialists.   So let us know if you need any help transferring your website to GTM or if you have any questions.   Contact me at

 Article Written by Amin Shawki

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Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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