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Setting Google Analytics Custom Alerts to Monitor Traffic Changes

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Google Analytics is a very useful tool for monitoring marketing campaigns, digital platforms, and consumer engagement with your brand across your websites and apps. But for busy marketers, it can be challenging to check Google Analytics every day for changes in traffic. However, setting custom Google Analytics alerts is a simple way to be notified of key changes in traffic.

Alerts come via Email or SMS

A custom Google Analytics alert sends you an email or SMS when a key change in traffic occurs based upon your chosen metrics. Setting the metrics around sessions, transactions, hits or revenue is recommended. Never use the “Users” metric as that is deprecated and will cause other alerts to stop working.

How to Set a Google Analytics Custom Alert

Imagine you are running a campaign for the entire month and you want to be alerted if revenue spikes more than 30% on any day when compared to the same day the previous week.

Using the Admin View settings or within the Customization reporting tab in Google Analytics, you will create the alert for the data metrics you want to monitor. If Google Analytics detects this specific change in traffic, you will receive an email or SMS alert.

The animated gif below shows you where and how to configure these alerts:

Animated GA gif

It’s that easy to have Google Analytics monitor and notify you of key changes in your traffic!

Examples of  Three Common Alerts 


Drop in sessions > 80% same day in previous week


Spike in revenue > 80% same day in previous week


Drop in orders > 80% same day in previous week



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