Is It Time to Upgrade? 4 Signs Your Organization Needs Google Analytics 4 360

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January 22, 2024
Is It Time to Upgrade? 4 Signs Your Organization Needs Google Analytics 4 360

As VP of Partnerships at InfoTrust, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of decision-makers about their interest in upgrading to Google Analytics 4 360 (GA4 360). I included the top four reasons below to help you quickly identify if your organization needs an enterprise version of Google Analytics.  


No one wants to make critical business decisions without the ability to see the full picture of their customer funnel. Sampling continues to be the number one reason for organizations to upgrade to GA4 360, similar to Universal Analytics (UA). Here are some key reasons organizations are upgrading to GA4 360:

  • Increased sampling from 10M events to 1B events per query
  • Access to unsampled Exploration reports
  • Increase in daily export to BQ from 1M events to billions of events
  • Data retention can be increased from 14 months to 50 months 
  • Hitting the 1M/day limit on GA4 is a problem for free customers that GA4 360 typically solves. Our clients who use GA4 are also more likely to be using BigQuery than they may have on UA.


As a former Googler, I can tell you first-hand that Google is not in the analytics consulting business; they focus on creating platforms that reach billions of users for you to then try to reach. This is why they lean on a partner like InfoTrust. Check out this fun video I did to help you with considerations when selecting the right partner for your business—it’s about value … but keep in mind this comes in all different shapes and sizes. A few of the items I discuss:

  1. Technical expertise on all capabilities in GA4
  2. Tailored training to upskill your team and org
  3. Access to roadmap and Google product team
  4. Roadmap and ability to integrate GA4 with the rest of your martech ecosystem


Google Analytics has NO SLAs when you’re using their free product. If your business cares about your customer’s web behavior and how you plan to engage them in a privacy-centric way, how can you not use an enterprise platform? We see far too often gaps in data and discrepancies, and unfortunately, there are limitations to what you can do when using a free product. Where you invest is typically where you spend the most time; is understanding your customers important to you? If so, enterprise analytics is pennies compared to what you spend on marketing.

Enterprise Configuration and Integration 

A free product is always nice, but they often fall short for customers who are looking to make data-driven decisions and streamline the right data sets across their organization. GA4 360 gives your org access to the critical features below, which is where many customers find the free product falls short. Here are some configuration limits:  

  • Increased Event and Item Scoped Dimensions (Event scoped increases from 50 to 125 and Item scoped increases from 10 to 25)
  • Increased Event parameters and User Properties (Event parameters increase from 25 to 100 per event and User Properties from 25 to 100)
  • Increased Audiences from 100 to 400 Audiences


Hopefully, the four reasons above help you determine if GA4 360 is right for your business.  Remember to work with a partner who listens and helps you determine if it’s the right approach and be sure to avoid “license slingers” as this is an investment and you want to make sure your leadership understands the ROI. This is where we can help. As an example, we can do the following free of charge:

  1. Have one of our technical consultants briefly review your account and provide their POV
  2. Answer key questions to ensure enterprise analytics will in fact fix your current challenges 
  3. Not be salesy but truly listen and help you make the best decisions short-term and long-term – how GA4 can fit into your entire martech ecosystem

Hope this helps! Remember to avoid the cheesy sales rep out there 😉

Do you have questions about Google Analytics 4 360?

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Last Updated: January 22, 2024

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