Started in Cincinnati, Now We’re Here (in Dubai)

Started in Cincinnati, Now We’re Here (in Dubai)

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One of the most successful music artists on the planet today, Drake, has an iconic phrase in one of his songs, “Started from the bottom, now we’re hereâ€. Though I haven’t met Drake personally (yet), this simple phrase is quite reflective of the tremendous growth experienced by everyone at InfoTrust, particularly myself. Thinking back to my first interview where we had only one small suite in a business complex to now, moving to a space that is 9,200 sq. ft and expanding globally, the growth is undeniable, unbelievable, yet extraordinary and exciting.


From humble beginnings as a social media intern while attending the University of Cincinnati, I’ve been able to grow into a strong, confident digital marketer now leading a global expansion to Dubai. This may seem like a crazy, unrealistic career path, but at InfoTrust, this is the type of rapid change that can happen. I’d like to share the top 3 things that allowed me to not only grow personally from where I started, but build the confidence needed to take the next major leap with this global expansion.

  1. Constant never-ending learning and thirst for knowledge – consume data all the time.
    Entering college and beginning my courses in business jumpstarted my strong desire to always learn something new. Particularly when getting involved with digital marketing and realizing every day there is something new, exciting and worthwhile in the digital space motivated me to consume knowledge quickly. Particularly in the analytical space, consuming data and making quick yet sound decisions is what separates the pros from the rookies. InfoTrust being a close partner with Google also demands quick learners to obtain mastery of their constantly innovating products… but that’s what is so exciting! I have told every single person that asks what my favorite part about working at InfoTrust is – it’s the constant, rapid change and never-ending learning both in the industry, from our partners and internally among my peers. We push each other to be the best and learn more to continue being top experts in our field. Without a thirst for knowledge or push for constant never-ending learning, I feel you can get stagnant and any sort of bigger commitments and opportunities would not be possible.

  2. Passion for technology and innovation – stay on top of developments.
    Constant learning and self-improvement is critical to recognize where one can grow. I always said luck occurs when preparation meetings opportunity. In the analytics space, preparation and opportunity stems from passion for technology and seeking out ways to innovate. A love for new technology and improvements in the digital landscape is almost a prerequisite to be able to confidentally take on any major career jump when working in a digital marketing field.

  3. Strong leadership and mentors – emulate the best.
    It goes without saying that my time and rapid growth at InfoTrust was in no way entirely my doing. My attitude and passion helped me drive further but the leadership team, group of mentors and individuals that could be emulated as the best in the industry shaped my personal successes. Working alongside the best and brightest minds creating innovative solutions for customers is remarkable and inspiring. Getting a strong mentor or at least someone further along in their career to reach out to for advice provides so much insight into how to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.


InfoTrust was recently recognized on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list

The culture at InfoTrust is designed to empower employees to not only be the best versions of themselves in their role and in life, but to push to be something even greater. I always like to revert back to the original mantra shared with me by the leadership team: “Build the best place to work today, so we can build the best companies of tomorrowâ€. With that mentality of ensuring the highest level of employee satisfaction right now in order to create the organizations/products/innovation of tomorrow, the potential to grow is endless.

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