Sums and Grand Totals Made Easier in Google Data Studio

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Google has made several updates to Data Studio’s Sums and Grand Totals features, giving users even faster, easier access to insights about their data.  The bottom line: More value from your results.

What happened, specifically?

Summary Rows are available now. Data Studio will automatically sum or average columns in a table. This is very easy to do; simply mark the “Summary Rows” option in the Table Properties.


Whether the data should be summed, averaged, etc. can be changed in the Data Source properties under “Edit Connection”.  Data Studio can auto-aggregate the data for you, particularly for formulas/calculated metrics you’ve created.



Data Studio Dashboard can be embedded in a website, blog, or internal systems. Users no longer needs to visit the Data Studio site to view the full report especially if it’s already embedded.


These tweaks to the powerful Data Studio functionality are just some of the things our consultants gleaned from the Google Analytics Summit in San Francisco recently. (See our related blog post, Leveraging Google Data Studios – Exporting Data from a Chart.)

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Last Updated: January 23, 2018

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