Webinar Wrap-Up Data Studio 360 for Data Visualization

Webinar Wrap-Up Data Studio 360 for Data Visualization

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In this webinar, we provided a refresher on Data Studio 360, one of Google’s newest apps. Data Studio 360 is  a powerful visualization tool that is used to create dynamic dashboards and reports based on your customized data sets.

If you use Google Connects, (such as YouTube Analytics, AdWords, etc) you will find an additional value in utilizing Data Studio 360 for your website.

Everyone who attended the webinar, left with:

  • An understanding of how to navigate the interface
  • Knowledge about the different data connectors and widgets that are available
  • An ability to build a data visualization dashboard from scratch

If you missed the webinar, don’t stress! Watch this recap of Data Studio 360 for Data Visualization.

There are more webinars to come! Visit our Events Page to learn more and register.