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Data Studio 360: Now Free for ALL of 2017!

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There was a HUGE announcement today coming from Google about Data Studio 360, their reporting and data visualization tool. If you haven’t seen it, allow me to summarize. Data Studio 360 is now FREE to everybody!

What Exactly Does This Mean?

The main difference between the free and paid tool was the number of reports you were allowed to create. The free tool had a five report limit per Data Studio login account, so if you tried to create a sixth report, you would receive an error message and you wouldn’t be able to create a new report.

Here’s a quick summary for both parties:

  • Free Users: You no longer have the five report limit. You can create a bunch of reports now. Win, win.
  • Paid Users: There will no longer be any difference between the free and paid version. Also, Google will stop charging paid users effective January 31, 2017. Win, win.
Data Studio 360 - YouTube Report

A Few Thoughts

Google is doubling-down on data democratization and being a major player in the business intelligence space. This latest announcement is a way to introduce more people to the tool while also being able to add new features and capabilities at a later date that will differentiate a free and paid enterprise version.

Here at InfoTrust, we are really excited about this announcement for Data Studio 360 because we’ve had a tremendous adoption rate of the free tool with our clients. The fact that Data Studio 360 connects with so many other Google products our clients use – like Analytics 360, AdWords, and DoubleClick – has made for a very quick and effortless transition.

Being Data Studio 360 partners, we are extremely excited for more people to get acquainted with the product. We are also looking forward to working with Google on recommendations for new product features and capabilities within the enterprise version of the tool.

If you haven’t used Data Studio before, check out our Data Studio 360 Walkthrough, which will help you get up and running in minutes!

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