Former Xerox Senior Finance Executive Joins InfoTrust as Chief Financial Officer

Former Xerox Senior Finance Executive Joins InfoTrust as Chief Financial Officer
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BLUE ASH, OH — InfoTrust is pleased to announce that long-time Xerox and Continuum Global Solutions executive Cara Shore just joined the company as Chief Financial Officer on June 6, 2022.

Shore has held many positions throughout her career, most recently as Chief Financial Officer at Continuum Global Solutions. In this role, Shore drove the overall financial strategy of the company. She also was heavily involved in analyzing new business and investment opportunities.

A number of attributes attracted Shore to InfoTrust, including the organization’s culture and growth potential. 

“The combination of my interest in the tech industry and the culture of InfoTrust really drew me in,” Shore said. “I can already see that everyone—including leadership—‘walks the talk’. I’m incredibly impressed with the focus on community and care for the team—both for their growth and for them as people.” 

InfoTrust CEO Alex Yastrebenetsky notes Shore’s experience as an incredibly valuable asset, especially as the organization aims to implement synergies and cost improvements. 

“Cara’s background provides us⁠ with a wealth of knowledge that we didn’t have before,” Yastrebenetsky said. “With her demonstrated ability to successfully lead a team to achieve financial objectives, we know we are in good hands and can’t wait to learn from her.”

Shore, too, is excited about what lies ahead for InfoTrust, especially with regards to the company’s high-growth trajectory.

“We’re growing—and we want to continue doing that,” she said. “When you are moving from one size to another, you have to still maintain your focus. My hope is that I can utilize my skills to help set efficient processes and successfully position us towards that growth we desire. My job is to not only facilitate that transition, but to make it easier in the process by expanding and evolving on what we are doing today.”

In addition to her professional expertise in finance and as a CPA, Shore’s passion for philanthropy pairs nicely with InfoTrust’s “give to grow” outlook on community involvement. She serves as assistant treasurer at her church and regularly volunteers at the local humane society. 

Shore is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and enjoys reading mystery novels, working in her vegetable garden, hiking, and going to the movies with family.

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Originally Published: June 17, 2022

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June 17, 2022

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