InfoTrust Creates New Agency Partnership Program

InfoTrust Creates New Agency Partnership Program
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InfoTrust is excited to introduce a new agency partnership program to its portfolio of service offerings. With a proven track record of working with Fortune 500 companies, Global 1000 organizations, and top brands in the world, InfoTrust is a leader in the analytics space and is now looking to partner with a select group of agencies to deliver end-to-end (E2E) analytics implementation and management services that meet all privacy requirements. This is a new, one-stop-shop partnership model with a specific focus: unlocking even more value for clients. 

As the advertising world becomes increasingly complex, we believe that clients will benefit from a dynamic supply chain of strategic digital advertising thanks to a variety of vendors coming together to deliver best-in-class capabilities. We see multi-partner orchestration as a way to deliver even more value to advertisers. Data enablement and activation need to work in sync, allowing enterprises to have a durable and privacy-centric data infrastructure that can be used for audience building, targeting, and ad buying.

This model is an alternative to individual agencies attempting to achieve a full-service offering by building in-house expertise or via capabilities of other agencies owned by a parent holding company. InfoTrust is looking forward to actively continuing partnerships with agencies to deliver an analytics suite of services to their end-clients while allowing agencies to do their best marketing work, leveraging a data infrastructure that InfoTrust will put in place. 

All InfoTrust partners know that we are 100% dedicated to analytics and data privacy services, as well as our own in-house platform R&D—and we still have no intention of competing in the media buying space. InfoTrust is not looking for an exclusive partnership, but rather will partner with several agencies to deliver the next best-in-class experience for clients across CPG, eCommerce, and B2B verticals. If you are interested, please talk to us.

About InfoTrust

InfoTrust specializes in working with Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform solutions. This year we celebrate 10 years of becoming a certified reseller of Google Marketing Platform. Our global support and delivery processes have been perfected over the last decade through working with the largest global multi-brand organizations that require the most sophisticated support not just in North America, but all over the world, wherever they market to their consumers. As a result, we support our clients across every continent and timezone. 

Over the last three years, InfoTrust has evolved into the largest independent digital analytics consulting and technology company that does not buy display or search media nor run advertising campaigns.

Additionally, these 10 years supporting global privacy and data governance requirements have allowed us to mature our proprietary SaaS platform, Tag Inspector™, and manage data governance solutions to support proper data collection and governance according to the latest regulations and technological changes.

As a result of our unique market position, we have been fortunate to work with the largest global advertisers and their agencies because we can uniquely complement brand agency of record or in-house agencies where we provide marketing analytics data infrastructure and enablement, allowing our clients and their agencies to focus on analytics activation. 

Do you want to partner with InfoTrust?

We're looking for a select group of agencies to deliver end-to-end analytics implementation and management services that meet all privacy requirements. Sound like your organization?


  • Michael Loban

    Michael Loban is the CMO of InfoTrust, a Cincinnati-based digital analytics consulting and technology company that helps businesses analyze and improve their marketing efforts. He’s also an adjunct professor at both Xavier University and University of Cincinnati on the subjects of digital marketing and analytics. When he's not educating others on the power of data, he's likely running a marathon or traveling. He's been to more countries than you have -- trust us.

Originally Published: June 14, 2022

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June 14, 2022

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